Saturday, February 27, 2010

Abstract - light

It was a electricity blackout at my house and I get bored and started to snap some photos with my tripod. Here are the results.


Pure wine abstraction.




Some loves do fade, mine remains.


Cupid Arrow instead.


Thursday, February 25, 2010



The Piano - Can be ignored. Just too long. Ha

My mum suddenly asked me want to learn singing or not, as she knows that I am so into music. I used to struggle so much just for learning the piano. From this, I learned that you have to fight for what you want, instead of begging people or behaving pity.

I was someone who didn't sing or listen music when was young to someone who is so passionate to music.
I was inspired by my friend, Asnut Joshua, when the day he performed on Han Chiang Stage.

I asked for a guitar from my dad, not that bad, he threw me an almost-same-age-with-me guitar and credited to him, I almost gave up learning the guitar.
Then I asked for a new guitar, I got it after one year, bought it with my one year saving. Again, a promise never promised.


The Piano

Then I am so keen to learn the piano. I asked, and rejected. Perhaps asking a guitar or piano is a big burden to him, that was what he said. You may say I am immature and not understand, whatever...

Struggled for so long, I almost went mad as I knew I didn't have much time for me to learn. If I say a working adult can hardly achieve much in music and you disagree, convince me with example !

How to save RM4,000 ( Didn't know a second piano costs only RM2,500) within a year as a full-time student?

I used to reformat my pc by myself and I thought of that idea, giving computer service with my so little and noobie skill. I asked my friend Ewe Shen design a flyer for me, photostated and distributed household near my apartment. Here the problems came, unable to repair the pc, limited knowledge and can't solve customers problem, really stressed me up. So I went to learn pc repair from my cousin's friend. Working there paid me RM2 per hour!! That was the only way for me to improve my servicing skill.

After two months of learning, working and giving pc service outside the shop, I messed up my studies and that was shocking to me while certificate standard was low and I still messed it up. Kinda disappointed, in the end I gave up doing this business.

It was because, Rm2 per hour and RM25 per service. I would need to service more than 150 units before I can buy a piano, that would be my end of diploma. Liquidized my personal business, leaving the company and left with great disappointment.


PC Servicing

After two months of struggling, I was able to sell:
1) An unit of PC system which cost RM3,000
2) About 20 units of Kingston limited edition pen drive
3) About 20 services
4) Other accessories and equipments such as cable, RAM, drives, hard-disk

Even I didn't earn much from the business, but what I gained was experience.

Thinking back how I struggle for a piano,
how I started my so-called small business,
how I answered my first customer phone call when I was taking nap and shouted loudly "XIN SERVICE CENTRE, How may I help you !?", it was tough but also a part of my golden memory.

At least I tried something others usually don't do, right?

I don't know why, recalling this memory does motivate me, it reminds me that nothing is impossible right now. When I first started writing this post, I was quite low and pessimistic but the memory really does some boosting !

Finally I got my piano with school loan, that really against my financial principle but it worth for me to do it .

Lastly, I earned myself :
1) a distinction grade 5 theory qualification
2) a working opportunity of teaching piano
3) a small part of life experience
4) an coming grade 5 practical qualification ( April 2010 )

Maybe grade 5 would be my highest music qualification in my life, at least I tried my best and I achieved something that I wanted for so long.

At least I don't die with regrets...

P/S : I am not picking up the singing course anymore. Losing interest in music as I want to invest more into myself which benefits me in my career next time. (One of the reasons which made me so stressful last time, expected incident)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lesson of the day #2

"Do not spend future money."

Now I can only stare at the money from Ang Pao instead of spending it...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Colour of the year

I felt like saying out...





Something that I wish to achieve it this year,






I have dyed my hair !


Someone is wanted now !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My very first fasting

Today was my very first time doing Fast.

Fast is not doing things quickly, it is leaving your stomach empty and being detoxification.
Some people fast without food and drinks, but mine came along with blended fruit juice.

If I were asked to fast without fruit juice, I guess I wouldn't make it through

My Lovely Blended Fruit Juice

This was my lunch and dinner and I am starving now !
Apple + Carrot + Cucumber

The happy fruit family.

With the assist of the undesirable hot weather and food temptation, I felt weak for the whole day
What I did for the whole day was = Cut my hair, Online, Movie and some Reading

My tummy was reacting in this way...

This was how I felt at the night, HUNGRY !

I would do a lot of eating tomorrow as I am heading to Alor Setar with classmates.

My first time experience tells me :
1) Fast only when you have nothing to do
2) Do not do works require lots of energy
3) Try to stay at home, do not go out.

Gonna sleep with my empty stomach tonight ...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The rhythm of the rain

I wonder why,
I love raining.

I love listening to the falling rain,
it makes me feel surrounded,
by something,
that makes me feel comfortable, sometimes.

I love raining,
I don't know why,
it makes me feel lonely,
but the loneliness comes together with the cuddle by rain.

I really love raining,
especially at night,
right before I sleep,
it acts as a lullaby, allowing me to own a sweet dream.

With the sound of rain,
I feel warm.
When it rains,
I woke up in the middle of the night,
starring the rain,
with an absent minded smile,
yet feeling warm inside the heart.

Perhaps the rain,
reminds me of my childhood time,
staying alone at home,
listening to the heavy rain drops,
it simply makes me feel good.

I love the rain, it creates the silence deeply within myself,
it calms me and it is raining now,
I should have a sweet dream.

Sweet Dream,

sleep with loves

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lesson of the day #1

" Fully charge your camera battery before going out, you will never know if you need it more than expectation."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Aroi dinner

The night we had dinner at Aroi - Pulau Tikus, with my family.
Just a simple post with photos, the recording.

Aroi Restaurant, I have noticed this restaurant for quite sometimes and finally we dined it there!

Who are they?
They are the manufacturers of Jason Law and Michelle Law.

My cousin and her husband, Peter and little daughter Cat !

The 3 sisters. Haha

My cousin

Our long life Ah Ma ! She is 80+ in age I guess.
Oh no, I don't know her actual age !

My cousin brother and kid

! The family !

Location : Pulau Tikus
Date : 11-1-10 ( Monday )
Time : At night

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