Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get set, Go !

I have been dreaming, for four years;
I have been thinking, for three years;
I have been talking, for two years;
I have been waiting, for one year

! NOW !

No more waiting

It is time to prove myself to the world.
Let me do my best, no matter it fails or successes !

Looking forward to see you again, Man Qing :)

August 2010, Singapore

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Golden Treasure !!

I have never been that excited recently and now, I have found my golden treasure and
I love it soooooooo much !!!


This is a familiar logo to you I believe. Most of us, especially the younger generation spends very much of time on this software, watching movies. Yet I still don't understand how could it work without violating(perhaps, already violated?) the law and regulation since there are uncountable movies available

Anyhow, my point of this post today, is I found something more than a movie.
I just found my favorite programmes in PPS !!!!!!!

I am super super super excited because I enjoy those movies so much but I couldn't wait and sit in front of TV, Astro, anytime !

If you are Natgeo and DiscoveryC fans, follow me, if you lost

Turn on your PPS :)
Look at your bottom left.

You will be able to see “综合频道”, click it !

Now you found the treasure !!
I'll help you translate some of the big name in case you don't understand Chinese, or the Chinese name of the videos.

探索频道-Discovery Channel
国家地理-National Geography Channel
空中浩劫系列-Air Crash Investigation
荒野求生-Men vs Wild
流言终结者-Myth Buster

I really hope someone would share this with me earlier, let's spread around ^^

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dead Dead Dead

I was dead, and I am still dead

But, not anymore, I felt I have stepped out my very first step, something very different and meaningful to me.

I decided to keep track of every move and I make from now onwards.

Stay tune, perhaps, tune it back to my blog :D !

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