Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Formula For Understanding Women

Hahahah, I will just agree with the formula. Don't you? lol

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lesson of the day #4

"Always give others your best even though you are in your worst."

Sunday, April 18, 2010



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unworthy business deal

Today morning I went out with my friend, Chia Keat, for a walk in market. He mentioned that he was offered for a job and would be heading for the interview in the afternoon and I asked was there any vacancy for part-timer, yes, there were plenty of vacancies.

He asked me join him for the interview in the afternoon together, I decided to have a look for the job offered. Without any preparation, I went to the office with Chia Keat and Han Yang with only a piece of photocopied IC.

File:Adecco Logo.svg

Adecco is a human resources company from Switzerland and it employs 700,000 temporary workers and contractors, and has 28,500 employess !

Wow, I never knew it is a big company until I reached home searching it via Wikipedia.

The person in charged is friendly, three of us filled in personal details before doing the TEST. Oh test? Yes ! We were given some typing test before being briefed for the detail of the job. The test was basically easy but it was quite challenging and exciting. One of the tests was to type the exact numeric digits showed on the screen, it determines your speed and accuracy. (Too bad, no pictures to show)

As the result,
I got the fastest speed = 10,000+(digits), 200+(errors) an hour
Han Yang = 7,000+(digits), 100+(errors)
Chia Keat = 5,000+(digits), ERROR FREE !!

Oh My God, I can't believe my friend actually made it without error. Even he is a little bit slow, but error free is the most important things for the employers. They don't want us to key in the wrong digit as we will be dealing with digits and cheque.

File:Uis logo trans.png

Unisys, another big company.

That is the company we will be sent over to do data entry work. The person told us that the environment is very strict, not much talking and all the employees are committed to their works. That can be understood as they need to clear all the bank cheques in short hours, everyone will just work work and work !

After being briefed about the working hours and pay, I started to hesitate whether to work or not. The working hour usually is between 3pm to 7pm, average 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday with RM5.50 an hour before EPF and SOCSO deduction. This awkward working hours will ruin my whole day.

In conclusion, working a month earns me additional RM400 in Adecco. In order to earn RM400, I have to forgo my Friday teaching work which almost double the pay from Adecco.

I don't think I am going to trade my precious holiday for RM400 in that working environment. Maybe I miss the opportunity of learning something, but I prefer to utilize my time on my personal interest...

My one month time doesn't not worth ONLY RM400 ! It worth a lot more than that !

Monday, April 12, 2010


There are things we couldn't bring home, but it shines brightly in our hearts eternally.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

The last gathering - Y2m2

The last gathering of Y2m2 members

I can't imagine that time flies that fast, it has been two years time for me studying in M2 class and three years time in TARc. I am leaving soon and I will definitely miss the place, the friends, the life and the happy moment...

A post of my Tunku Abdul Rahman life will be coming soon...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pear & Pound visit ( Long )

Facebook, always is the channel connecting all my friends to me. Days before 25-3-2010, I received a message from Pound saying that he will be visiting Penang with Pear. Oh, they are my Thai schoolmates in Han Chiang High school and I decided to bring them round the island as I am free from hectic schedule right now. Final semester, a honeymoon semester :)

First Day

Who they are?

Haha, here are the naughty faces !

Pound reached Penang in the afternoon and I fetched Pear at the airport at night, 8pm.
We headed to the Pasar Malam in Farlim straight away after fetching Pear.

Here comes my new friend, Namfon, Thai. She is really friendly :)

Biggest fans of Lok Lok

They told me they liked Lok Lok so much, I guess someone's tummy is growing fast !

Qing Bu Liang - Han Chiang old time

Every Han Chiang student knows the stall very well :)

We then went to Sunset for some drinks, too bad I didn't take any photos in Sunset due to Soya rain. I fetched them home and I supposed to sleep at one something, but I stayed awake until 3a.m. due to the lovely Peach Tea from Sunset. Guess what? I met someone in MSN and we decided to hang out together, three hours later after our sleep.

Second Day

Tadaa, this is the guy I met at 3a.m. Chiu Chen !

I picked him from his house then headed to Pound and Pear. I brought them for Penang famous Hokkien Mee behind Penang Plaza, Penangites should know where it located.

Please stop Pound from eating, he never stopped !

Pear looks really cool, hope she enjoyed the noodle ~

Right after this, we headed to Kek Lok Si, not because of the attraction, it was because we had an hour, nothing to do.

Strong sun - Hot weather - Sweaty shirt

The Trio walked to the temple.
This photos is totally out of focus, not sure why. But I learnt a lot for this trip in comparison of D40 and D3000. I seriously experienced how new technology beat old technology :(

Pear and Pound, writing down the name?

Chiu Chen said that the name can be easily wash off by rain, is it true? I am an atheist, I believe no God but myself !

Pound Pai Pai !

He burned himself ! Haha, I can't believe it !

Pear and Jason.

Finally my face appeared ! Thank you so much to CC/Mu? I am not sure. This is the fate of photographer of the day, your face will appear so much lesser than others, sometime even none.

The sun was too glaring, we couldn't open our eyes !

Beauty and the Beast, I know you hate me :P

Pear, posting for Pound to capture her photo.

She is very particular when taking her photos. Not for Pound, that's the reason why I have so many photos of Pound and so little of Pear ~

Jason - The only way to snap my face !

Unfinished statue and the Thais !

Yeah, now I got four faces, but I am not the forth :(

The sun was really strong, we drove back to Han Chiang and bought a cream for Pound to apply his burning skin.

Han Chiang !!
The place where filled with sweet memories :)

I have to emphasize that I do not admire him, there are just too many photos of him ! Whose fault? Pear !

Our dearest teacher - Ah Lai ! Ass-es will miss him

Tai Guo Chan

Woo, this is my favourite but it is expensive. Like that costs me RM5, come'on, they really earn a lot !

Chiu Chen wants to study this book again !

The New Library

Frankly, the new library is not as good as the old one. It is so much smaller and kind of weird, it doesn't really look like a library.

Sorry man, I have no choice.

After visiting Han Chiang, I dropped them back then Chiu Chen fetched them to Gurney while I went home to finish my assignment and passed it up. Coming down from TARc, drove to Gurney picked them up. We almost late for the Han Chiang football competition because of traffic jam.

If you follow my blog, you know this dog

Snap shot of Pear

We were watching Han Chiang football competition at this moment.

Pound - Fon - Pear were enjoying the game

The percussion played by other Thais.

Frankly, they scared me at first as they shouted very loudly = ="... hahah, speechless

Prison breaks.

Jason on the field. Thanks Pound for this photo

The ball

If I don't get wrong, our Han Chiang team lose to Malay team. Too bad, our HC football team was quite good. Maybe the rain the lack of luck.

Pear paid attention to the game.

Guess she will complain again? Hahah, she always complain her photo doesn't look nice but I don't think so. Love this very much :)

Football game in HC.
I guess the kid must be wondering what was this Koko doing.

Han Chiang Entrance
This is where I used to wait my mum to fetch me for the first year in Han Chiang.I never knew it looks beautiful in the evening...

The Last Night in Penang

Where is it? Yes, we went to Mois

Unbelievable for Jason? Believe it, even I seldom go clubbing. Hahahah

See the Mu's shaking,shaking,shaking

Last Night, Last Beer

After the night, I fetched them from Gurney park, dropped Pound at Fon's house then waited the Pear's plane with her while eating Dim Sam in the airport. We were the only one we ate dim sam in airport, the special one.

Last day, Last Pear

Pear entered the airport at 10a.m.
Good bye my friend, Pound and Pear.

They have gone !

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