Friday, January 29, 2010

The girl on road

Just want to share with you, NEVER ever challenge a girl like this on the road...

As we used to say, ladies first,
..we say it, and better do it..


- Because -



*Big Middle Finger*

What shall I say?
Sorry girl, lady first...


Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Maintenance

After abandoning myself to a messy life, I started to catch up everything again !
What I always believe is that you can't handle other things well if you can't even handle yourself.

So guess what I did for maintaining myself. It is CLEANING my room !

I spendt my whole day with music turned on loud, Jason Mraz sang for me in my living room while I cleaned my room.

After 20,800 seconds of cleaning, dust from my room finally reduced by 97% ! Woohoo... I found a lot of memorable stuffs when I cleaned my room, will post it out next time.

Someone is rushing her final assignment and headache, pity her :(

Upcoming event - Kian Hao house warming and Paintball !

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