Thursday, March 17, 2011

Food at Bedok 85

The food queen invited everyone to eat the famous Bak Chok Mee in Singapore after class which located in Bedok block 85. Yum Yum ! The right way to tempt everyone out for dinner

Makan at Bedok blk 85 for the famous Bak Chok Mee after class.
The beautiful moment when I treasure it

We meet each other for less than a month time, but it's fun knowing everyone of you

I have the control freak, Yo, on my left and the super tall me, Andrew, on my right

This is the famous bondage girl in class. Oh yeah, she likes to be in bondage ? hahaha
Life in Singapore is wonderful, everything is new and fresh.

Is this only happening when I'm under training and when it's new and fresh?

I hope not, I wish I will enjoy every moment in my life, no matter where I am, whom with me.
Be appreciative, be happy :)

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Monday, March 7, 2011

New Life in Singapore 2011

Life is different starting from 18-2-2011.
The day I reached Singapore

Life is interesting starting from 25-2-2011.
My training officially started

There are many things to update but I don't have photos with me in my laptop.

I believe I will blog often after I received my stupid phone


Sunday, January 23, 2011

一 份 心 义

What is 一 份 心 义 ? The direct translation would be "a portion of heart", hahaha.
Anyway, it's actually a group name created purposely for a charity event held by my
friends and I.

The organizer, Shane Heng, decided to hold a charity event in an old folks home before going to Singapore. His idea attracted me and many of my friends and that is the time when I realize many friends of mine are keen and volunteer to be a helper in charity activity. That's HOPE !
I see HOOOPPEESS in the society. Hahah

We will be celebrating early Chinese New Year with the old folks on 30th January at Rumah Charis. Sings with them, play with them, lunch with them and also to love them. When we first visited the place, the priest told us that they have sufficient resources to sustain their living, but what actually lack of is love.

The old men don't need branded shoes for a walk.
The old women don't need a branded bag to flaunt.

What they need is love and companionship.

Rumah Charis
10:30a.m to 1:30p.m

Be a volunteer, for any other charitable activity, you will experience something new differently.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Mixture of everything, my life in 2010

Another 365 days have passed and today is the last day of the year 2010. Unlike others, celebrating with friends at parties, chilling in clubs and shout for the last 10 seconds count down, I spent my last day at home without a single step across the door. Instead, I did some reading and I started to recall what did I achieve this year. Did I squander the precious 365 days or I utilized the time fully?

Let's find out what have I done this year

If you know me really well, you will know my passion in music and how much I love it. A total of 1 year and 9months practice comes to the end in March. ( or April? ) My grade 5 practical exam at City Bay View hotel.

Woot ? A 21-year-old guy taking grade 5 exam !? What a shame ?
Uh ? I don't think so. I am proud of myself, gaining a grade 5 ABRSM cert is not a huge achievement to many, but it's my very own recognition and consolation in music. I stopped learning the piano after the exam but my passion to music never fades, it grows with me.

You think you are too old for anything? Come'on, music doesn't discriminate

The kids from the music centre

Hahah, the old me !

Thank you Mr.Eric who unselfishly putting effort in me.

Diploma Graduation ( TARc )
Three year time is a "not-long-not-short" journey in life. I once regretted so much that I did badly in my SPM and also didn't proceed to ACCA course directly which is shorter in studies period. Regret no more, I would rather say I appreciate the experience more compared to the academy.

- College environment in TARc is something you can never be found in ACCA tuition provider
- My foster family who "adopted" me during my Community Service activity
- The people, the clique, the foes and the clown

It's simply an unforgettable memory in my life.

Even my grandma attended my graduation ! ^^


My foster family. I hope to visit them again soon

Our last gathering at Hardwicke.

Lone traveler in Singapore
I had my first time traveling alone to Singapore. It's quite adventurous to me as I had totally no idea where shall I go, what I must do during the custom and I am not familiar with Singapore at all. Information from the Internet helped me a lot and the journey is amazing. It's not the place that attracted me the most, it's the people along the journey opened my eyes.

Traveling is a learning process, you never know what will happen next and you always learn and grow. That's why I love traveling :)

The lone traveler

Meeting Pear in Bugis

Four attempts of Interview.

Introduced and influenced by my sister, I open my heart to the job, steward. I realized how well the job fit me perfectly. I had four attempts before I finally made it to the final round.

1) I went for Qatar interview in KL with Elwin, Ginger and my sister. Elwin and I struggled for few weeks, couldn't sleep properly because we put in a lot of hopes and effort. - FAIL !!

2) Emirate interview in Singapore. Damn the what Atlantic agency from Singapore ! They told me they were taking in male candidates but no single male get chosen. Wasted my time, money and effort for it. Some worse, they actually took flight from Philippine to Singapore just to attend the interview. However, it's a great experience for me as I met a lot of friends from Singapore, Philippine, Thailand and Korea who share the same dream with me. - FAIL !!

3) SIA interview in Singapore with Elwin. Thanks to my braces. - FAIL !!

4) SIA interview in Ipoh. Taadaa. Thank you very much to everyone who were there for me in Kampar. - PASS !!

Why I choose to be a steward? Simply because of money? Let's see
- Travelling, do I need to explain more ? x)
- Eye opener that helps me to spot business opportunity easier next time
- Good pay, unfair advantage for my entrepreneurship ( Yeah, Wijoyo ! Hehe )
- Improve my interpersonal skill
- Expand of people networking
- Opportunity to explore the world
- I can feed my family faster !

Thank you everyone who support me during my attempts for the jobs. Especially my family, they support me spiritually and financially :)

The friends who supported me during my Ipoh interview. So much appreciated !!

Met April and Cindy during Emirate interview. There are many more :D

SIA interview with Elwin, Chiu Chern and Ying Ming

We had fun after the interview. It was an interesting trip. ^^

Fantastic scene from Marina Bay Sands, F1 circuit race live. Thank you In Jung

Penang Bridge Marathon
I have finished the run as it was one of my targets of the year. My friends didn't make it for the run so I went there alone at 2a.m. in the morning. Finished the run within 2 hours and 55 minutes. It rained heavily in the middle of the run.

It wasn't simply a run, I comprehend some meaning of life in the run. I am really satisfied with it although I was exhausted and alone. Some old photos here =D

Chung Kiang and I completed the race in 2009

Banana smile. Pray hard that I'll be able to join it again in 2011

Hoo Hoo ! ACCA makes us headache. Not a great achievement, I'm just feeling happy that I have finished my F6, F7 and F8. I hope I don't fail any paper, result will be announced in February.

What do I do after the stressful months? Party Slacking Party Slacking !!

Soo Yeang's birthday at the ship

Mansion 69 after dinner

Mois celebrated the end of December exam

Simply natural, Siply love it

Froggie in the car

Being silly at Straits Quay

Acting cool

With Janice at SQ

Oh Santi the aunty

Wijoyo Lee ! I will marry him if we both are gay. hahaha

Wan Ting's last day in Penang. Old friend from Han Chiang.

Catching up Theng and Ah Beng at Nandos

There were still untold stories happened this year but I won't able to jot down everything. At last I know, life is interesting and you'll never be bored with it. It's so wonderful so, don't squander your precious time, be adventurous, live your life the way you want and pursue your dream !

An old picture saying

Mixture of everything, my life :)

Happy new year 2011 !

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