Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am Leng Lui Shanice Chow

Leng Lui number one !

A white rat experience to learn more about photoshop.
I actually changed the colour of her shirt from yellow to green, drew lipstick and make-up for her. Hahaha, just for fun.

This photo is taken at car park in Gurney Plaza while heading to redbox to meet our classmates. Then I saw this "Tai Ji" sword in my car, spontaneously I decided to take some photos with the sword and here is the outcome. (Not sharp,noisy and kinda low resolution, because of setting and low light condition?)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Long waiting to-do-list

Before leaving home to fetch Pound and Pear.

I wonder why I always have many things on hands, perhaps there are too many things I want to do.

1) Rearrange all my photos in my desktop and laptop
2) Slight adjustments for photos and then upload it. (3 batches of photos - Pear&Pound,Mum's bday & Y2M2 farewell)
3) Blog as well
4) GYM !! I haven't gone for a week due to my backache and overloaded schedule
5) Helping her for her final soon, gambateh !
6) 4-4-10, master class in the Piano centre, has to practice and play in front of everyone
7) Next friday 9-4-10, my last Test and last day in TAR college. I will miss everything in TARc !
8) Backup all my things from my broken desktop, I need to repair the PC ~

I should stop crapping here and continue doing my stuffs !

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I love Han Chiang

Our dear respectful Lim Lean Teng :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beyond its limit

Never test people's patience, you will get yourself bitten.

The dog is really really fierce in the real world

Lesson of the day #3

"Do not hang your water on the car lock button, somebody may get wet."

There are three people who will never forget my soya gift...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The watch

This is my first product shooting of my most loved watch.
Even though it is not a branded watch, it means a lot to me and I really love the design.
Thank you so much, my girl, who is currently rushing for her graduation exhibition


Due to critics, I did some editing and compare the result. Let's vote for your favourite !

When you stop, it overtakes you.

Time goes fast and life is short.
Waste, why?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

CNY visit in Padang Besar

Sunday Morning

( Updated with some photos )
A day in my life, which worth to be recorded down.
This post is also dedicated to all the CS members in Padang Besar

After leaving Perlis for about a year, I finally managed to get back to visit my foster parents and siblings with Cindy during CNY. It was supposed to be three of us going, but that sweet little girl got sick in the early morning as she went to the new year festival in "Khoo Kongsi" from afternoon until 12 !

I met Cindy at her house in the early morning then we drove to Perlis. We got a little bit loss along the way to Perlis, we still reached there with the helped of GPS and our instinct.


Padang Besar, Perlis. A town where I will never forget


Jason Law on top of Perlis.
An artificial photo, it brings the sky away.


Cindy Ng, my companion for the trip and she was there to visit her foster parents as well.


My destination, my foster family.
They really took good care of me when I was a stranger to them,
this was what touched me the most.


My Ye Ye and Nai Nai.


Next, Cindy's family :)


Tall trees in front of Cindy f.parents' shop


Her foster father tried to light up the fire cracker.


Happy New Year !
Opps, it was month ago.


A moment of happiness and superstition sacrificed and harmed the mother nature.
Is this necessary at this moment where the earth is reaching its limit?


Now the lion headed to my f.parents' house !


Here's the "Fa Chai" prepared for the lion


The little kid didn't afraid the lion at all, he is so cute ! Haha


Little hero
Here is the little hero who doesn't afraid of anything!


Not for my little sister, she afraid of the drum and lion.


Drum of the day;
Noice of the day.


I hear nothing, no matter how hard you try to hit it.


Freezing vegetable. Took it after the lion dance in front of my f.parents' house.


My little sister - Tong Qi
She used to follow me around last time when I visited P.Besar. Miss her a lot :D


Tong Xing
The second elder sister who are a little bit shy. Hope she won't be that shy next time :)


I am shy

Hahaha ! My little brother, the eldest in the family.
Qi Yang, I can't imagine that he is camera shy, he is going to be dead when I next visit them. kekeke


This is what they do everyday, they are badminton state players ! It looks easy right? Do more repetition, you will know the pain :D


No one took photo for me and this was the only way :D

They brought me to their new house after all, it was really nice and it's just next to Jing Yi's foster parents' house. ( Wonder is she reading this or not )


Yes, we spotted a baby snake outside the house. My sister and f.mother were watching it carefully.


After snake, here came this one...

Cindy was waiting me and fell asleep at her house at this moment. She was busy and had to reach Penang before evening. So my f.parents drove me back to the car and we left Padang Besar.


The shop where Cindy fell asleep.
I am sure she won't get hungry without leaving the shop for weeks.


It's about time to leave.
I know I gonna miss this place and definitely will be back again,
not sure when, but won't be long.


Good Bye Perlis

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